16 Sep 2022
09:15  - 12:30

Europainsitut Basel, Riehenstrasse 154, HS 00.015



Touching the Past: the senses in negotiating transcultural materiality - BGSH-Master Class

BGSH-Master Class mit Anne Gerritsen

This masterclass will explore the European encounter with Asian objects by focusing on the senses, and touch in particular. Asian objects that arrived in Europe between 1500 and 1800 caused a stir and generated an enthusiastic pattern of consumption, in which luxury objects from Asia became integrated into the material worlds of Europe. Asian goods became part of dining and display, dress and domesticity. Much has been written about the transformations of the visual experience their arrival brought about, but what about the other senses: the ways in which the worlds of sound and smell, taste and touch were transformed in this period. We will discuss some wider readings on the importance of the senses in the study of material culture, some theoretical materials on touch in particular, and focus our discussion on the ways in which ‘touch’ can be used in reshaping our understanding the early modern European engagement with goods from Asia.

The event will be concluded with a group lunch for which you can register via the link below.


Die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme ist bis zum 25.08.2022 über diesen Link möglich.


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