28 Sep 2021
09:00  - 14:00


BGSH/Forschungsstelle Türkei-Schweiz


Shifting Paradigms in Middle Eastern Studies

Online-Workshop mit Ilker Ayturk (Bilkent University, Ankara)

Thanks to a large body of literature initiated by Thomas Kuhn, Michel Foucault, and certainly Friedrich Nietzsche, we today know that scientific progress and accumulation of knowledge take place through shifting paradigms. Social sciences, humanities and area studies are no exception. This workshop introduces participants to paradigm change in the broader field of Middle Eastern Studies. The emphasis is on how the context - global, regional and domestic - shapes the production of academic knowledge. Three particular cases are examined in detail: a) the Orientalism Debate (1978-), b) post-Zionism (1980s-), and c) post-Kemalism (1980s-).


The workshop proceeds in three sessions: First, the convenor gives a 50-minute long lecture, followed by two sessions in which participants discuss assigned readings (below) with a critical perspective.


Al-Azm, Sadiq. "Orientalism and Orientalism in Reverse." Khamsin 8 (1981): 5-26. (Reprinted in A. L. Macfie, ed. Orientalism: A Reader. New York: New York University Press, 2000)

Likhovski, Assaf. "Post-Post-Zionist Historiography." Israel Studies 15 (2010): 1-23.

Aytürk, İlker. "Post-Post-Kemalism: In Search of a New Paradigm." (forthcoming in English in European Journal of Turkish Studies) (originally published in Turkish, 2015) 


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