29 Sep 2021
14:00  - 17:00




Introduction into nodegoat - Part 1

Online-Workshop with the nodegoat-Team

This workshop will focus on the usage of nodegoat (nodegoat.net), which is specifically developed as a data management, network analysis, and visualisation environment for research projects in the humanities. You will learn how to use nodegoat to build your own data model, how to create datasets, and how to explore and analyse your data by means of spatial and temporal visualisations. Depending on the needs and questions of the participants, we can discuss network analytical features, importing and exporting data, conditional formatting, and linked data connectivity.


Die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme erfolgt bis zum 19.09.2021 über diesen Link. Doktorierende, die 1 KP erwerben möchten, müssen sich zusätzlich über MOnA anmelden.

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