29 Nov 2021
14:00  - 16:00

Departement Geschichte, Hirschgässlein 21, Seminarraum 3



Doing Global and Transnational History in the Digital Age: Challenges & Possibilities - Day 3

Mini-Workshop-Series with our BGSH-Fellow Dr. Kaori Abe (Hull)

How have search engines transformed our choices of research topics, methods, and outcomes? How will we address the “decontextualization of sources”? This miniseries of workshops will explore methodological issues entailed by the digitization of archival materials. At the same time, we will also discuss new possibilities that digital sources offer to the research of transnational and global history.
PhD candidates and MA students are cordially invited to join the workshops, introductory readings will be provided.

Dr. Kaori Abe (University of Hull) is a guest lecturer at the University of Basel and BGSH-Fellow in the fall semester 2021. She is specialized in Asian and global history, focusing on the colonial trade in Asia and the social history of treaty ports in China in the 19th century.


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