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Call for Papers: Languages of Consumption in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

3 - 4 February 2022, Workshop at University of Basel, Switzerland

In recent decades, the consumption history has moved beyond the initial historiography surrounding the ‘birth of a consumer society’. Rather than documenting changing consumer patterns, the focus has increasingly shifted to cultural and symbolic elements, the so-called ‘active consumer’, and the entanglement of production and consumption. The quest for the cultural also sparked new interest in the languages of consumption, not only textual, but also visual and material.

This workshop, co-hosted by the Universities of Basel and Antwerp, aims to foster our knowledge of the languages of consumption in this era of critical transitions. It will do so by bringing together and discussing new perspectives across a broad range of languages and regions, also welcoming contributions beyond the Atlantic World.

More information and details: https://avisblatt.ch/?page_id=1202