A history degree teaches you how to think historically. You will learn, for example, how to critically analyse historical conditions, developments, patterns and ruptures – or, alternatively, how to call these into question.

Equally important is learning a set of academic skills. The ability to develop a research question, conduct research, analyse research results, construct an argument, and express yourself in speech and writing are indispensable skills for any historian.

The University of Basel History Department’s History Toolkit introduces students to the discipline’s most important skills and practices. It also provides a host of additional information, including details about important historical institutions, topics and research resources.

The History Toolkit is divided into four sections:

The History Toolkit is provided by the Assistants of the Department of History. It is a thoroughly revised online version of the 2010 study guide by Almut Höfert, Anja Rathmann-Lutz and Christiane Sibille. Beat Stüdli and Benjamin Hitz are responsible for the current version (from 2016). The English translation was done by Patrick Grogan.

Quote: Hitz, Benjamin; Stüdli Beat, Werkzeugkasten Geschichte, Basel 2016 (transl. Patrick Grogan), <https://dg.philhist.unibas.ch/en/studium/history-a-toolkit-for-students>.