The BGSH commission is the executive body in charge of strategic development, event/conference planning, evaluation and quality assurance at the BGSH. The commission’s responsibilities include strategic planning, advertising and implementing the scholarships awarded at the BGSH, evaluations and representing the BGSH on university committees and in national and international matters. The commission is made up of three professors (2 Modern, 1 Early Modern), two postdoctoral employees (one of whom is the coordinator) and one doctoral researcher.

The next commission meeting will take place on 15 September 2023.

Head of the commission



Student Assistant

Former employees

RitterLaura2018 - 2022
SalaRoberto2013 - 2018
ZauggRoberto2010 - 2013
FreudigerYanik2021 - 2023
WidmerNils2017 - 2021
MeuryCéline2015 - 2017
MangerLéonie2014 - 2015
GuthörlMilena2012 - 2014