Building a rural civilization: Agriculture, education, and racial segregation in South Africa, c. 1900-1950


Julia Tischler


University funds


Beginn: 01. Aug 2015
Abschluss 31. Jul 2020


The project looks at agricultural education in South Africa in the first half of the twentieth century. It analyzes different educational services set up during South Africa’s ‘agricultural revolution’ (agricultural colleges, extension services, journals etc.) as forms of rural social engineering by which state actors tried to navigate through rapid structural change. The study focusses on the connections between segregation and rural development, comparing state interventions and responses in the Afrikaans-dominated Orange Free State and the African reserves of the Ciskei and Transkei. As South Africans frequently looked to other nations – especially the USA – in dealing with both the ‘agrarian question’ and the ‘race question’, this project also adopts an ‘entangled’ perspective.

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