Welcome to the library of the Department of History

The library of the Department of History is a reference library with the possibility of overnight or weekend lending and currently contains about 60,000 titles on about 1500m running meters. The library contains mainly literature for teaching and research in the field of the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Period and Modern and Contemporary History. It also has a large collection on Swiss history as well as on Eastern European history and the history of Africa.

The library is available to the staff of the Department of History, enrolled students of the University of Basel and visiting scholars.

For a fee, we send copies of articles from journals or excerpts from works in our collection electronically or by mail. We reserve the right to refuse a copy request for conservation reasons. For fees, please consult the copy order section of the University Library of Basel and also observe the "Reproduction Policy of the UB Basel and the applicable provisions of copyright law (see box)".

We do not offer postal delivery (interlibrary loans) of works.


Opening & attendance hours

Mon-Fri from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Please note that library staff is not always present during opening hours.

Therefore, if you want to consult special media, please notify us in advance, if possible.

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A library makes it possible for someone to search for Marx, find Schopenhauer and borrow the Bible.

Ernst R. Hauschka