16May 2019
18:15 - 20:00

Ausstellungsraum «Cok Basel!», Spalenvorstadt 2, 4051 Basel

Memory, Migration and Exile in Istanbul, 1940

Keynote Lecture and Book Launch, Prof. Dr. E. Efe Khayyat, Rutgers University

In this lecture, Prof. E. Efe Khayyat engages the themes of memory, migration and exile based on the life and writings of the prominent intellectual and professor, Eric Auerbach. In 1935, Auerbach was expelled from the University of Marburg by the Nazis and fled to Istanbul where he began teaching at Istanbul University. Auerbach wrote his most well-known work “Mimesis” (1946) during his Turkish exile, yet the book was published first in Switzerland. The lecture is based on Prof. Khayyat`s book «Istanbul 1940 and Global Modernity» (2019), in which he offers a new reading of Auerbach by putting his writings into conversation with two other prominent authors in Turkey, Ahmet Tanpinar and Halide Edip.

Prof. E. Efe Khayyat teaches Comparative Literature at Rutgers University. His main research areas are critical theory, politics of literature, media history and political theology. He is a member of the founding board of Harvard University`s Institute for World Literature. Currently, he is a visiting fellow at Cambridge University.

This lecture is organised by the Seminar of Sociology and the Seminar for Middle Eastern Studies. It is part of the event series of the exhibition "Cok Basel! Transnational Memoryscapes Switzerland - Turkey"

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