15 Mar 2018
16:30  - 20:00

Peter-Merian Weg 6, WWZ Auditorium, Erdgeschoss

Universität Basel

Diskussionsrunde: "The Ukraine Conflict"

Im Gespräch über den Ukraine-Konflikt



"The ongoing crisis over Ukraine is posing a clear and present danger to Europe’s stability. Since the illegal Russian occupation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the situation in the Eastern part of Ukraine is still in turmoil and it remains highly volatile. The question how Russia’s Military could occupy Crimea basically overnight und how Moscow justifies its military intervention in Eastern Ukraine will be the focus of our panel discussion. The scope of our debate will touch upon several disciplines ranging from International Relations to International Law. The discussion is a contemporary perspective of a conflict that has been forgotten in the eyes of the international media."

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